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WHAT HAVE I DONE. By Kelly & Terry Fearon

I miss the girl from so far away
I miss her with every passing day
I miss the eyes filled with believing
And now I’m here just dreaming

What Have I done?
I miss the girl when no ones ‘round
I miss her when I’m in a crowd
And I miss her now from her elbow
To her big heart and her little toe
What Have I done?
What Have I done?

If there’s light ahead as people say
If I’m to see the light of day
Then sooner or later, as days bleed to night
It’ll be alright

I miss the girl there is no doubt
I miss the girl and I want to shout
I miss the girl it’ll never be the same
And everyone says I’m the one to blame

What have I done?
What have I done?
What Have I done?