1. She Shines

From the recordings These Days and Kelly Pettit's Latest: 2023


She Shines by Kelly Pettit
Lyrics by Kelly & Mark Clay

She had a long hard windy road
But she never let it show
And I know it’s hard
If you didn’t know her well
I don’t think you could tell
She fell so far
And even though it may be raining
She ain’t complaining.

Even when her knees are shakin’
Even if the dawn ain’t breakin’
She shines all the time
Even when her heart is broken
Even if her pains unspoken
She shines, she shines

She threw her heart to an unjust man
Spent years left off his plan
‘Til she ran away
And sometimes when she’s got to be down
You’ll never see her frown
She’ll smile and say
It’s another sunny day
So fire away!