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  1. Road to London
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Road to London
Everyone said she's gonna be the one to put this village on the map
Everywhere that she ever went they would lift her up in their hands
Every day a shiny medal wrapped around her neck, There were no records left
Even though she never really listened, no was no praise was left unspoken

And every day marched on the same
Like an army they were coming
But she looked up to the hills but all she could see
Was the long road to London

When he walked into school everybody felt like they all were in some American movie
With the half smile and those sad eyes that a l l of the girls like
No one ever said they didn't see it coming they were predictable as spring
The sun was bright on their wedding day all of the bells, they were singing

But every day marched on the same
And the army was setting up their tents now
And when she looked behind the hills
She could see one day she'd be dancing in London

He never hit the bottle and he never turned mean
She had nothing to complain about
But the weight of expectation in everybody's eyes
Was like an anvil in her gut

Every now and then she'd see some friend who'd just come home
And they'd tell their tales of wonder
She wondered when it happened
She just a gray day and they the thunder

And every day marched on the same
And the army is the government
And when she looked up to the hills
The fallen trees had blocked her road to London