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  1. Makes Me Crazy

From the recording FUEL MP3

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MAKE ME CRAZY by Kelly Pettit

I stumble back to my surprise
I see you there you catch my eye
You make me feel

Pinch me now wake me up
Cause if you’re a dream then just my luck
So surreal

And there’s something deep in my head
Since the day that we first met
And that something is you instead
Of a real sad song


Well I’m up tonight
And I feel ever so right
Yeah baby, gotta love this life
It’s everything you

You make me crazy

I drink the courage to talk to you
But still mess up every word I spew
You flip my World

Man I’ve never felt like this
I could dance all night from your angel kiss
You spin me girl

And I’m so soulful and free
You’re my blanket comforting me
What’s the odds where a billion that breath
I’d ever find you