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June 10th, 2015
Official video for Every Sunrise.

"Every Sunrise is a gem of a song that takes the listener deep into a mood easily forgotten in our busy lives" - Japan Tokyo Times.

It's here!
Here is the the latest video.  It's the title track from the album "Every Sunrise".   I think the video has a unique spin on the lyrics and vibe and it has a lot of BC west coast love in it.  Animated by the talented Henry Sorren who grew up in Flagstaff USA, it's a story about a killer whale mother and child.

I'd be happy if you watched it, left a comment and shared it.  The song and all my music can be found on my website or anywhere else you find music.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and for your support.  Hope you like the video. 

To watch, click the photo above or CLICK HERE.



Here is some of my music journey in reverse chronological order

September 15th, 2014 - My song "Gun in My Hand" from the album "These Days" is used in an award winning documentary titled "Away to Me"

May 20th, 2014 - Latest album "Every Sunrise" receives amazing reviews from magazine and radio critiques.
January 5th, 2014 – Released latest album titled, “Every Sunrise”

January New Years party - I'm invited back for a big New Years party from the town of Shibuya in Tokyo and I play in front of 300 influential people.
December 2013 – Kelly has a concert in Shibuya, Tokyo to private party of Shibuya shop owners.
August 2013 – Kelly went to Nashville TN for 3 weeks to record latest CD
August 2013 – Kelly does half time show for famous Japanese singer Daisuke Kitagawa.
April 2013 – Kelly’s song “She Shines” used as theme song on documentary film “Granny’s Got Game
March 2012 - 2 day volunteer concert in Iwate-ken with Japanese Canadian Embassy to the victims of the March 11th earthquake and tsunami.

July 2011 – I was hired by the Canadian Embassy in Hiroshima to do a 3 day event for "Montreal Day".  Also did a radio show while there.
May 2011 - To date, "These Days" has received a large number of 5 star reviews from critics all over the world.
March 2011 - My name and my music are picked up by several licensing companies.  1) Audiosocket   2)  Tinderbox Music
January 2010 - Recorded new CD titled,"THESE DAYS" down under in Melbourne Australia with singer/songwriter/producer Greg Arnold from 90's Aussie band "THINGS OF STONE AND WOOD".
January 2009 - ABC's Fame Games Radio's "Effigy Music Awards", nominated Kelly for over 10 awards and in some cases he was up against himself (best soft rock song, best country song,  best overall artist, best overall song, best artist in general rock, most popular artist, most popular solo, best overall vocal, best male vocal, best songwriting, and more).  Kelly won 2 of those nominations in best song in country (World Is Turning) and best song in light rock (She's Just Like Summer).   
June 2008 - "She's Just Like Summer" won Track of the MONTH on FAME GAMES ( This show is affiliated with ABC radio networks and syndicated to over 4,400 radio stations in the USA alone. This means HUGE exposure to millions of listeners!
April 2008 - Kelly's Music has been selected to represent background music to Roadtrip Nation.
April 2008 - The song "She's Just Like Summer" was chosen to be on the MISC “Let Me Be Heard!" Vol. 2 compilation CD.
The song "Stone After Stone" has been reviewed by
Fuel now accepted and part of the Audiosocket licensing team for TV, movies, and games.
July 20th - August 15th. Kelly was touring the West Coast of Canada and parts of the States. He gets TV news coverage and local radio air time.
November 2007: Kelly Pettit becomes the winner of the Ultimate Band Contest at This contest started over a year ago with over 2000 bands competing. On April 1st Kelly was announced as the the Number 1 artist. OVer $200,000 worth of prices.
November 1st: 2006 Release of 4th CD with 15 songs titled, “FUEL”.
October 31 2006: Co-wrote a X-mas song for a compilation CD called A Very Vancouver Christmas. It's a charity CD. All proceeds will be donated. The song is Track One and is receiving rave reviews from a wave of people. It's called "Christmas Everyday". Check it out on my homepage link or at .
October 22 2006, Big Festival at Numata Park called Juo koen.
October 2006: Wrote the theme song for a Japanese TV pilot called "Hi 5". .
September 06: Did the score and theme song for an independent movie called "A Moment With You" by Wong Fu productions. These guys rock the independent film field.
*September 17th, Kelly Pettit Live at the Numata Bunkakaikan.
*Have worked with many well known names such as Cory Churko, Jerry Wong, Craig Northey, Odds, Mike Reno (Loverboy), and Scott Jackson. Google these guys and you should find them (include the word musician in the search).
*2006 Won Artist of the Month (staying on for three months) with Fostex America.
*Hired to write a Jingle for housing company “Bell Home” which was played on radio.
I have performed several times at the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo and twice for JR (Japanese railway) doing gigs at UENO station near Tokyo.

* From 2004 until current: Permanent gig at a “hot spot” in Japan called Kusatsu
*My original songs were used in an independent filmmaker’s movie called “My Japan”.
*Hired to write, produce and record 4 children’s songs for Stellar Eikawa Company.
*Performed in Morioka at Hotel for Rotary Club and events.

*Performed over hundreds of Weddings at Theme Parks, Hotels and other venues.

*Performed at many different festivals and events throughout the years in Japan.
*2003 Produced, recorded, played instruments, mixed and mastered CD for Japanese recording artist “Yoshihara Masahiko” titled “Second Youth”.
*Performed live on local TV in Canada several times.

*Radio interviews at many different locations.
*2002 Recorder 3rd original CD called “J-Walking the World".
*1999 Recorded 2nd original CD called “Tuned In”.
*1997 Came to Japan as a trio to perform at a theme park called “Lockhart Castle”.
*1997 Recorded first self-titled CD called “Life Through a Windshield”.
*Winner of Australian “Sydney Songwriters” contest for original song titled “Stand Tall”.
*Recorded first original tune in a studio at age 17 called "Last Forever".
Started playing professionally at the age of 16 performing high school dances and small gigs with local band.


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